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Shachiku-san wa Youjo Yuurei ni Iyasaretai (社畜さんは幼女幽霊に癒されたい。, Shachiku-san wa Yōjo Yūrei ni Iyasaretai., lit: "The Company Slave Wants to Be Healed by a Little Ghost Girl.") is an anime television series adaption of the manga series by Imari Arita.

The anime series is directed by Kū Nabara at Project No.9, with Deko Akao handling series composition, characters designs done by Haruka Tanaka, and music composed by Satoshi Hōno and Ryūnosuke Kasai. The series was first announced in July 2021 issue of Monthly Shōnen Gangan published on June 11, 2021. It was released in April 7, 2022. Crunchyroll has licensed the series.


When Fushihara-san, a company slave, is working at her company until midnight, she hears a voice on the floor, "Leave now~." The voice comes from a little ghost / Yūrei-chan! Yūrei-chan wants Fushihara-san to go home for her health, but Fushihara-san doesn't want to leave because she loves the cuteness of Yūrei-chan.

List of Episodes[]

# Title Air Date (Japanese)
01 Episode 1 April 7, 2022
02 Episode 2 April 14, 2022
03 Episode 3 April 21, 2022
04 Episode 4 April 28, 2022
05 Episode 5 May 5, 2022
06 Episode 6 May 12, 2022
07 Episode 7 May 19, 2022
08 Episode 8 May 26, 2022
09 Episode 9 June 2, 2022
10 Episode 10 June 9, 2022
11 Episode 11 June 16, 2022
12 Episode 12 June 23, 2022

Theme Songs[]

Cast and Voice Actors[]

Character Japanese Voice Actor
Fushihara Hisako Kanemoto
Yūrei Rina Hidaka
Kurahashi Maaya Uchida
Lily Kaori Ishihara
Myako Konomi Kohara
Ryōko Kana Asumi
Shino Ikumi Hasegawa
Kaori Marina Inoue
Miko Yui Ogura
Kon Sayaka Kaneko
Konta Shū Natani


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